Weber-Morgan Health Department Offers Free Help For Emissions Failing Cars

Ogden, Utah – On Friday, the Weber-Morgan Health Department offered free help to people with their vehicles that fail emissions tests.

Their Clean Car Clinic aims to help middle to low income drivers.

We all have these stories.

“For my estimate, $5,000.”

The costly repair, the timing is never good.

“I bought this vehicle and two days after I finished the shows the light came on and they told me it wouldn’t have gone two days before I bought it,” said Jenna Cap.

For Kap, the whole situation is, well…

“I paid $5,000 for the truck, so yeah, it’s kind of frustrating,” she said.

Jenna Cap

But on Friday, the Clean Car Clinic was there to offer help.

“The Weber-Morgan Health Department received $1.2 million to help low- and middle-income people repair and replace their vehicles,” said Scott Braden, director of environmental health at Weber-Morgan. Health.

Braden explained that low- and middle-income people can get help repairing or replacing their worst-polluting vehicles.

“It’s obviously mandated by the EPA, and right now we know that with high inflation, money is tight. So anything we can do to help fix their cars and clear the air is a win-win situation for our department,” Braden said.

For 2004 and newer car models, eligible individuals can get up to $1,000 for a repair.

2003 and older cars, get up to nearly $7,000 for a replacement. The only catch is that they would have to buy a 2016 or newer.

To get the diagnosis, you just need a faulty emission or an illuminated check engine light.

“And I’m a low-income single woman, and so this program is absolutely exciting that they can help me,” Kap said.

And helping people like Capethe hope is to help us all look a little cleaner.

Although this clinic ended at 7 p.m. on Friday, you can still get help afterwards.

The Vehicle Repair and Replacement Assistance Program is currently running in six Utah counties.