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SOUTH HILL – With COVID-19, lung cancer and other lung conditions prevalent in the Southside Health District, a second pulmonologist at MHC Respiratory Services in South Hill is a welcome addition.

Obed Adarkwah, MD, of Wake Forest, North Carolina, is board certified in internal medicine and pulmonary medicine. He received his MD from the Medical University of the Americas in Nevis, West Indies. He completed a residency in Internal Medicine at Wyckoff Heights Medical Center in Brooklyn, New York, and a Fellowship in Lung Disease and Critical Care Medicine at Brooklyn Hospital Medical Center in Brooklyn, New York.

Dr Adarkwah is a self-proclaimed person.

“While I was getting my master’s degree in molecular biology with a specialization in cancer genetics, I had planned to pursue a doctorate,” he said. “I quickly realized that I wanted to be able to talk to patients, and I like being with people more than doing research. The study of cancer genetics turned out to be a good link with later lung studies. You need to understand the biochemistry and how these drugs work.

“Towards the end of my studies in intensive care, I realized that I wanted to have more impact on the health of my patients by treating them earlier before they got so sick,” explained Dr. Adarkwah. Critical care is exciting and fast, but you don’t have the chance to get to know your patients. I really like the challenge of pulmonary medicine. You need to understand radiology and physiology, all the nuances and patterns, to be an effective pulmonologist. “

He has an ambitious goal for this community.

“I want my patients to accept me as family,” he said. “If I listen to them, if I take the necessary steps to understand their problems and gain their confidence, they will be more likely to be involved in their health choices and, ultimately, to improve.

He is a big believer in allowing his patients to ask questions and invest in their own health. In turn, he always explains why he is doing something, so that they are more inclined to adhere to his recommendations.

“I like patients who ask a lot of questions,” he said. “They keep you on their toes and make sure we’re both on the same page.”

When not working, Dr Adarkwah enjoys spending time with his wife of ten years and his dog, Rusty. Most of his family live in Canada, but he has a relative in South Carolina. He understands the importance of needing to recharge his batteries, so his favorite pastime is sleeping. Like many of us, it’s hard to find the time to exercise, but having a rowdy dog ​​keeps him active. He loves to cook and harmonize flavors. Its specialty is lasagna made with feta and sausage.

To make an appointment with CMH Lung Services, call (434) 584-2273. The practice is located in the CARE building adjacent to VCU Health CMH at 1755 N. Mecklenburg Avenue in South Hill, Virginia.

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