Tulsa Health Department begins installing mosquito traps ahead of summer

As summer approaches, so does mosquito season. The Tulsa Health Department said it has started installing mosquito traps. He will start testing them and let the public know if he finds one carrying West Nile virus, which in rare cases can be fatal.

The Tulsa Health Department said it will set about 20 traps per week throughout the county. It will also respond with a spray truck in areas that see large numbers of mosquitoes or if West Nile virus is detected in a specific area.

Looking at the past three years in Tulsa County alone, the health department reports that only a handful of people had West Nile virus. THD reported in 2019, there were four West Nile cases and one of these patients died.

2020 saw no cases. Last year, three Tulsa County residents were infected with the virus, and the health department reported that one of those people had died.

Mandy Dixon, of the department’s Environmental Health Services program, said now is a good time for people to start looking for places around their yards that could be potential breeding sites, such as bird baths, flower pots or toys with standing water.

“You can call us, we’ll come take a look and see if you do. And we’ll be happy to help try to prevent them so we don’t get eaten alive by mosquitoes this summer,” Dixon said.

You can file an official complaint about mosquitoes in your neighborhood by clicking here.