Tomah Community Health Foundation supports Give a Hand | News

Imagine being transported to hospital by ambulance and realizing that you have no way to get home after receiving treatment. For some patients, the dilemma is real.

That’s why the Tomah Health Community Foundation donated $ 1,000 to help fund Tomah Health’s Lend a Hand program.

“The donation is vitally important to our patients who may come to our emergency room,” said Shelly Egstad, Quality Manager for Tomah Health, MASL, RN. “We have had situations where patients have lost everything, and we have been able to use the funds from the foundation to help them have a place to stay, to provide them with clothes, food and things that can support them up. that the family is available to help. ”

The Lend a Hand program was launched in 2018, when hospital officials recognized a growing need to help those without resources.

“Before the program, our staff collected their money and helped patients,” Egstad said. “A lot of times our employees would pay for cab rides to help patients get home or to the hotel, so this program really helped our staff take care of the patients and focus on patient care versus some social needs. “

Foundation president Pete Reichardt said the donation continues the foundation’s mission.

“The main goal of the foundation is to support projects and services that make a difference in our community and that benefit children and families,” said Reichardt. “Health and wellness is very important to what we do, and the Lend a Hand program really reflects the community’s need for services that support this project. “

Egstad said that in the past year, the program has helped more than 100 patients.

“This program has been a real lifeline for them,” Egstad said.