Thank you, Mayor Turner and Houston Health Community

Regarding “City website plans to schedule a 2nd shot” (A3, February 2): The Houston Department of Health deserves praise! I was lucky enough to receive two Moderna vaccines. The first was at the La Nueva Casa de Amigos health center and the second at the JW Peavy Elderly Center. Both facilities were immaculate with mandatory social distancing, and the staff at both were cordial, professional and extremely efficient. Director Stephen Williams, Mayor Sylvester Turner and all of the staff both deserve to have served the people of the Houston area during this difficult time.

Linda Kay Peterson, Cypress

Picnic plans

Regarding “93 Til’s food for thought,” (D1, February 3): As foodies, we’ve enjoyed Alison Cook’s reviews of Houston restaurants for years, but we think there is one aspect missing from her Curbside Chronicles. While it would be best to savor these fancy dishes in the environment in which they were designed, alas, due to the pandemic, we are aligned with Cook who only does take out. As we live in the Clear Lake area and don’t want cold take out when we get home we have adjusted considerably, we are probably the only people I know who have a ‘take out bag’ in our car filled with picnic gear and supplies including blankets, chairs and portable lanterns (it’s winter after all). We made a fun game of ordering takeout from some of our favorite restaurants and then finding a previously unknown park in the area to go for a picnic. We found some very nice places that we didn’t even know existed while having wonderful meals. We can’t wait to dine again someday, but in the meantime we’ve got a fun new way to enjoy Houston’s wonderful restaurants. Cook might like to try a picnic. We can offer you some spots.

Robert Dempsey, Houston

Immigration matters

Regarding “ID and Tax” a Better Immigration Solution “(A15, Feb 3): Kudos to Stan Marek for suggesting a viable solution for immigrants. His thoughtful opinion raised two major questions in my mind Why haven’t all of these internships and high school programs resulted in native-born American workers? Don’t they want these high paying jobs? And just because undocumented immigrants are here, that means- “Does he think we should give them a blanket and roll out the welcome mat now? That still robs Americans of the jobs they should be. And so the argument becomes circular.”

I realize that undocumented immigrants have left unfortunate circumstances so why is our government not addressing these issues with Mexico, Honduras, El Salvador, etc.? This is where our government could make real change.

Bonnie Likover, Houston

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