Texas OSSF Authorization Software for Local Environmental Health Agencies

Texas OSSF Authorization Software

full range of functions required for any agency’s OSSF program

Inspect2go now offers a complete OSSF (On-Site Sewage Facilities) software package for Texas city and county agencies. The cloud-based platform includes the full range of functions needed for any agency’s OSSF program. The system can be adapted for use by various government agencies and configured with multiple functions as shown below.

Watch the video: https://inspect2go.com/texas

Texas Public Agencies:

  • Environmental health
  • Neighborhood services
  • Consumer health
  • Code enforcement
  • Engineering/Building
  • Development


  • Permit
  • Inspection
  • public portal
  • Online applications
  • Online payments
  • Paper scanning
  • Data cleansing/migration
  • GIS/Mapping
  • TCEQ OARS Reports
  • Follow-up of the maintenance of septic systems
  • Septic Service Provider Tracking
  • SECURE data import
  • Automated letters

About Inspect2go

Inspect2go provides environmental health software to government agencies. Products and services include online public web portals, online applications, online payments, authorization and licensing software, conversion of paper/manual processes to paperless/web-based solutions, migration cloud hosting, inspection applications and custom programming services to automate government agencies. workflow.

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