State Health Agencies Rely On Abbott BinaxNOW COVID-19 Home Antigen Testing Kits

As more people get vaccinated and states begin to roll back some of the restrictions put in place due to the COVID-19 pandemic – schools, agencies and workplaces are working on a plan on the way to safely return to normal. For example, Colorado distributes 2 million free Binax NOW tests directly to employees’ homes, and the Ohio Department of Health has secured the purchase of at least 2 million tests that can be self-administered outside of a clinical setting.

Fifty-seven percent of Americans believe it will be at least a year more before our society looks like it was before the pandemic1, and frictionless COVID-19 testing efforts are now even more important, as they help our communities build on the positive momentum we’ve seen in recent weeks. The majority of employees fear exposure to COVID-19 in their workplace, but only 71% say they are confident in their employer’s ability to get them back to work safely.2. How can an employer confidently promise their employees that they will return to a safe environment? Tests in progress.

Frictionless testing is essential

The challenge with testing, however, is that standard testing can be difficult to get or take several days to produce results. As more people abandon the strict quarantine mindset, their tolerance for visiting their health care provider or waiting to see test results before surrendering. at work or in communities may begin to decline.

By far the most popular option is the Abbott BinaxNOW â„¢ COVID-19 Ag Card Home Kit – an antigen test that detects COVID-19 virus proteins in nasal swabs and can be taken at home without an in-person visit to a healthcare provider.3 This test received Emergency Use Clearance (EUA) from the FDA and recently received over $ 260 million in funding from various branches of the federal government to administer COVID-19 tests in various locations, including schools and nursing homes.4 At only $ 25 each, iPromo now offers a mass solution for companies wishing to get back to normal, in complete safety.

Reliable and verified test results

This particular test can provide results within 15 minutes, without the sample needing to be sent in for testing, and a test sensitivity of 97.1%, which is the ability of a test to designate an individual as positive – allowing users to learn quite conclusively whether they Covid-19[FEMININEChaquetestaapproximativementlatailled’unecartedecréditetestadministrésousladirectiond’unguidecertifiéeMedâ„¢pours’assurerquelestestssonteffectuéscorrectementetunefoisletestterminéunlaissez-passernumériqueestdélivréàl’utilisateurCesvisitess’effectuentquasimententempsréeliln’yadoncpasdedécalagedanslaprisederendezyou;etunefoisquevousavezvosrésultatsAbbottlesstockedansleurapplicationNAVICArendantlesrésultatsfacilementaccessiblespouruneréférenceimmédiate[FEMININEChaquetestaapproximativementlatailled’unecartedecréditetestadministrésousladirectiond’unguidecertifiéeMedâ„¢pours’assurerquelestestssonteffectuéscorrectementetunefoisletestterminéunlaissez-passernumériqueestdélivréàl’utilisateurCesvisitess’effectuentquasimententempsréeliln’yadoncpasdedécalagedanslaprisederendez-vous;etunefoisquevousavezvosrésultatsAbbottlesstockedansleurapplicationNAVICArendantlesrésultatsfacilementaccessiblespouruneréférenceimmédiate

“As we reopen as a country, BinaxNOW testing ensures that you are doing all you can to keep those around you safe and healthy,” shares Leo Friedman, CEO and Founder of iPromo, a leading supplier of promotional items and personal protective equipment. “Whether you’re looking to start screening in the office, gathering for an offsite meeting, or even reopening a library, the Abbott test is the gold standard for timely COVID detection. “

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