Springfield Health Department Announces New Mass COVID Vaccination Clinic

The Springfield-Greene County Health Department announced on Tuesday that a new Springfield-area mass vaccination clinic will begin operating next week.

The new clinic will open on Oct. 11 and will be located in the old retail store at 1425 E. Battlefield that once housed Toys “R” Us and Gordmans, said Jon Mooney, deputy director of health. Vaccination will be available Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

“Once opened, we plan to vaccinate about 500 people per day,” Mooney said at an afternoon press conference held at the Greene County Public Safety Center.

The demand is there, Mooney said. The Springfield Health Department expects around 120,000 local residents to start getting vaccinated in the coming weeks and months due to interest in recalls, likely approval of the COVID vaccine. 19 for children aged 5 to 11 and demand for the vaccine by adults who have not yet done so. got the jab.

“I think we’ve seen an increase of over 100% over the past week in terms of overall vaccine demand,” Mooney said.

The news comes as several factors in the public health response to the coronavirus pandemic converge: Later this fall, the federal government will begin requiring companies with at least 100 employees to prescribe vaccinations, or tests. weekly, among their staff. This requirement is expected to cover some 80 million U.S. residents when it goes into effect. (About 186 million have been vaccinated to date, the University of Oxford estimated Tuesday. About 46% of Earth’s human population has been vaccinated, the university’s Our World in Data project reported. people vaccinated live in rich countries.)

Already, CoxHealth and Mercy Springfield have started to impose a vaccination mandate on their workforce. Mercy Chairman Brent Hubbard has said that since Mercy’s requirement came into full effect late last week, 97% of the healthcare system’s workforce has been vaccinated or received a medical or religious exemption. approved in the mandate. Others face suspensions and dismissals.

Cox chief medical officer Dr Shawn Usery said Cox’s workforce was “north of 90 percent” vaccinated. The Springfield-based system announced its tenure several weeks after Mercy’s tenure, and it goes into effect on October 15.

Usery said Cox’s 90 percent immunized figure applied to “every member of our team” in the health care system, including environmental services, housekeeping, food services, nurses and nurses. doctors.

Meanwhile, since mid-August, booster shots have become available to a growing set of social groups. They include people with immune system problems, the elderly, and younger adults whose jobs as frontline medical workers, teachers and first responders put them at high risk for COVID-19 infection.

Mooney, deputy director of the health department, urged everyone to find out about booster injections on vaccine417.com. Booster shots are recommended for people at least six months after receiving their second dose of Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine; other recall approvals are still pending.

Mooney and other local health leaders have urged the public to consider the flu shot as well.

Alexis Brown, executive director of clinics at the Jordan Valley Community Health Center, said Jordan Valley is already starting to see positive tests for the flu this season.

“We encourage everyone in the community to go out and get the flu shot this year to help prevent the spread of the flu,” Brown said. “Please help our community get back to normal.”

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