Springfield-Greene County Health Department leaders plan to distribute updated reminders to those who need them

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (KY3) – Springfield-Greene County health officials urge you to get the updated COVID-19 reminder to protect your family.

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Steven Lambert says he will get the recall to help his family.

“With my wife working in healthcare and losing another loved one, I’m going to have to do this,” Lambert said.

On September 12, the Springfield-Greene County Health Department will offer the new boosters at its pop-up clinics.

Whitney Mann of the Springfield-Greene County Health Department said he was ready to help the community.

“I’m pretty stable because we’ve had other vaccines,” Mann said. “We are ready to go and have enough vaccines to vaccinate people.”

Updated plans come from Pfizer and Moderna. They are intended for people who have not been vaccinated in the last two months.

Lambert said he was initially unsure about the COVID-19 vaccine. Her sister-in-law died after contracting the virus.

“It attacked her, it was weird, it attacked her nervous system,” Lambert said. “She was young, late 40s, affected her nervous system. In a week, everything stopped.

Jenni Shipley works in healthcare. She also plans to get the new booster.

“To protect people who need it,” Shipley said. “Nice to have, especially those I work with because I work with immunocompromised people.”

Mann said getting the new recall was critical due to upcoming vacations and family events.

“Young children may not be fully vaccinated yet, and they’re a bit more vulnerable or susceptible to that, so being boosted adds an extra layer of protection for your family,” Mann said.

Health department officials said getting the flu shot was also important. You can safely get them at the same time as a COVID-19 vaccine, but you need both to be protected against each virus.

Both Lambert and Shipley said vaccines are life-saving, so your family member is not the next death on a statistic.

“Too cautious, and my wife works in healthcare, so that seals the deal,” Lambert said.

“Just helps them. It can make us in a safer environment,” Shipley said.

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