Sign up for NEW Health’s community health newsletter – has been an incredible resource for the community over the past decade. The site gave NEW Health the opportunity to share important news, events and information on health education in a timely manner. Now that the year is drawing to a close and we are quickly approaching the day that will cease publication, we would like to encourage everyone to subscribe to NEW Health’s community health newsletter.

What to expect?

NEW Health’s Community Health Newsletter will be sent periodically to update subscribers on important public health information regarding the North End. Topics may include updated information on COVID testing for NEW Health’s North End site, fundraising opportunities for food insecure children, upcoming health education events, and Moreover.

How to subscribe?

Visit and scroll to the bottom of the page where you see the image below.

Type your email and click subscribe. A green success bar should appear. Registration forms can be found on the NEW Health website on different pages.

While is coming to an end, we look forward to bringing you essential public health information!

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