Shelby County Health Department ‘very concerned’ about litter issues

BOGGSTOWN — More and more Shelby County residents are frustrated after weeks without trash pickup.

The head of the local health department said it could become a health hazard and said he was “very worried”.

“It’s a problem. It’s not acceptable. It’s not acceptable for a business to operate this way,” said Shaune Clark, a resident of Boggstown.

The streets of Boggstown are lined with trash cans, many overflowing.

“It’s very frustrating, especially with a family of five and we only have two bins and it’s been over two weeks now, so it’s just – enough is enough,” Nickole Mitchelle said.

The bin remained in place for more than two weeks. Garbage day is Friday and people in Boggstown have missed their pickup twice.

“You just have to walk down some of these side streets, it’s just the smell, it’s just excruciating,” Clark said. “Because he stayed there, it will be 3 weeks this Friday. People who have young children who have diapers, or cats with kitty litter, or I clean my garden, I clean up litter there. It’s not a good thing to have around, so of course we have a lot of wildlife. The raccoons, if the trash isn’t heavy enough, will get in there and everything hang out for you.


But why doesn’t Waste Management pick up its waste?

In a statement, a spokesperson said the company was facing supply chain constraints that were affecting delivery.

They add that the Morristown facility, which serves Boggstown, has a limited number of trucks available for service accounts.

WM currently manages supply chain constraints that affect delivery schedules in asset categories such as trucks and support equipment. At Morristown Hauling, WM encountered this same challenge, which limited the number of trucks available for service accounts. Starting this week, WM is taking additional steps and deploying trucks from nearby locations to support and streamline the expected, fast, and safe service our communities deserve. WM is committed to caring for each other, our customers, our communities and the environment – and our team will be working weekends to ensure accounts are served as we continue to navigate the supply chain constraints.

Waste Management

“The service we had before it changed hands never had this problem,” Mitchelle said. “I find it hard to believe that okay, all of a sudden we have all these lorries broken down when two or three months ago when we had the other service we had no problems. “

Neighbors are frustrated and say it’s not just inconvenient, they’re worried about the health risks with trash lying around.

WRTV sent the following questions to Waste Management for response after receiving their statement, they responded.

  • Is waste management facing a labor shortage in addition to parts issues?

With the talent shortage presented to us, we are developing our own workforce. Examples include:

  1. Offer significant signing bonuses for hard-to-fill permanent jobs, including drivers and technicians, as well as employee referral bonuses.
  2. Increase wages for full-time front-line workers and temporary workers.
  3. Have a work/life balance for front line positions like drivers. Waste and recycling truck drivers are “short haul” driving positions, allowing the driver to be home at night to spend time with family.
  • If someone’s bin is missed, will they get a refund or credit to their account? If so, how do they get it?

Residents can contact the local WM Customer Service team to remedy and receive assistance and account credit at [email protected]

  • Customers are concerned that this is a public health situation, what is Waste Management’s response to this?

The safety of our customers and the communities in which we serve, live and work is the highest priority for every WM employee. We are committed to always working to keep our communities safe and clean – and we work quickly and innovatively to respond and remedy every issue sincerely.

  • Residents of Boggstown and Fairland went more than two weeks without their trash being picked up. Can you provide residents with a timeline for missed pickups?

WM will resume service for Fairland and Boggstown on Tuesday and Friday. For local residents scheduled for Tuesday, they will be served today, Tuesday May 24. Residents scheduled for Friday will be served on Friday, May 27.

  • If residents of Boggstown and Fairland, where pickup was missed, need to dispose of their trash, can they drive it to the facility and dispose of it themselves for free? If so, how do they do it?

Residents who need pick-up before their scheduled day of service can dispose of their trash at the Shelby County Transfer Station at no charge. The Shelby County Transfer Station is located at 1304 N. Michigan Rd in Shelbyville. Residents will be required to provide their name and address – and will be allowed to dispose of it free of charge.

Waste Management customers tell WRTV that for two trash cans, they pay about $90 a month for the service.

It angers them that they are not getting a service they are paying for, some say they are considering changing waste providers.

At the time of this report, residents of Fairland and Boggstown say their trash has not been picked up.