President’s weekly letter highlights effects of climate change on health, environment and economy – SABC News


President Cyril Ramaphosa underlined the devastating effects of climate change on health, the environment as well as the economy.

In his weekly letter to the nation, Ramaphosa says that many South Africans are already feeling the impact of climate change, such as drought and flooding.

He also says that high levels of pollution have affected some communities in Mpumalanga, leading to an increase in respiratory illnesses.

According to Ramaphosa, those who depend on the ocean for a living are struggling because fish stocks are depleting.

Ramaphosa says the country must pass carbon emissions to avoid the possibility of restricting imports.

Additionally, he says investors might also be reluctant to invest in industries powered by fossil fuels. He says banks and financial institutions are already under pressure from shareholders not to invest in companies that depend on fossil fuels.

The president says the transition is urgent. He says, however, that it must be a just transition because sectors like agriculture, tourism, mining, energy, transport, manufacturing and the biodiversity economy could be negatively affected. affected by this transition.


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