Norwalk Health Department childhood immunization program resumes

The Norwalk Health Department Child Immunization Program is back!

The program provides age-appropriate vaccines for children from birth to 18 years old. Clinic sessions are held on Tuesdays, by appointment.

The program’s goal is to make vaccines available and accessible to protect children against vaccine-preventable diseases and promote the well-being of all. Experienced and knowledgeable registered nurses coordinate the childhood immunization program by reviewing immunization records and administering vaccines to children.

State-provided vaccines are administered free of charge to children residing in Norwalk. The Child Immunization Program serves as a safety net, especially for children who have not yet established a medical home.

“This program is a breath of fresh air to ensure a healthy community and a safe environment for all school-aged children. says program coordinator Pauline Pochette, RN.

Vaccines have had a major impact globally, preventing devastating diseases caused by viruses such as smallpox and poliomyelitis, both of which have killed millions of people. Other diseases, including measles, mumps, rubella, chickenpox, diphtheria, and tetanus, are rarely seen, especially in the United States, largely due to vaccination. For more information on Department of Health immunization services, visit

To make an appointment, please contact 203-854-7776. Please note that the Child Immunization Program does not offer pediatric COVID19 vaccines at this time. To find out where your child can get the COVID-19 vaccine, please visit About the Norwalk Health Department: Under the direction of the Mayor and with the valuable guidance of its six-member Board of Health, the Norwalk Health Department provides a variety of services and programs to fulfill its mission: prevent and control the spread of disease, promote a healthy environment and protect the quality of life within its evolving community. The Department of Health achieved accreditation through the Public Health Accreditation Board (PHAB) in June 2014, demonstrating that it meets or exceeds national public health standards and Media Contact Theresa Argondezzi Director Health Assistant, Community Health This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Phone. : 203-854-7977