New health agencies on the block in 2021

Every year, agencies come and go, and 2021 was no exception. What was exceptional, however, was the challenge of settling in during an ongoing global pandemic.

Spirit + Material

Ben Beckley, Global President, Mind + Matter; Corrina Safeio, Managing Director, UK

Earlier this year, the global healthcare communications network Ashfield Health merged three of its agencies – Pegasus, Ashfield Digital and Creative and Cambridge Biomarketing – to create Mind + Matter.

Ben Beckley (on the top corner left), former chairman of Cambridge Biomarketing, is the new agency’s global chairman, while Corrina Safeio (above, right), former Managing Director of Pegasus, is Managing Director, UK.

Beckley said: “COVID-19 has shown in an instant how our individual health is also a truly global issue, and we must offer clients a deeply interconnected cross-sectoral response to their challenges. We will energize health communications with great thinking that is not afraid to face the toughest issues. “

Blue Pastille

Rachel Royall (above), former director of health, wellness and life sciences at Markettiers, decided to start her own consulting firm in April because “” strategic public relations will be essential in the next stage of healthcare transformation and care “.

Royall, who has held senior communications positions in the NHS, the Department of Health and Welfare and the Cabinet Office, said: “In any industry, but particularly in health, a big change comes from listening and ensuring that the right voices are given a platform.

“The pandemic has made this obvious to everyone, and I know it from my own experience leading communications transformation programs and campaigns. [that] the skills we have and the advice we give as public relations professionals make a difference and save lives.


The old pillar of Pegasus Jo Spadaccino (on the top corner left) and Stuart Hehir (law) joined forces to create their own health agency in June.

Spadaccino founded the Pegasus Pharmaceuticals and Life Sciences team and led it for eight years before becoming Head of Client Partnerships, while Hehir founded the Creative and Digital Services teams and worked at the agency for over a decade.

The duo called Stirred a “healthy hybrid agency” with an approach that uses a mix of perspectives, experiences and skills.

Hehir commented, “There has never been a more opportune time to reflect and change things up a bit, and what better way to do it than to create something specially designed from scratch.”

New market strategy

Co-founders of Newmarket Strategy, from left to right: Lord O'Shaughnessy, Berkeley Greenwood, Ed Jones
Co-founders of Newmarket Strategy, from left to right: Lord O’Shaughnessy, Berkeley Greenwood, Ed Jones

Former government minister Lord O’Shaughnessy (on the top corner left), Berkeley Greenwood (center), founder of public affairs agency Decideum and Ed Jones (law), former special advisor to Secretary of Health Jeremy Hunt, created the new agency to target healthcare clients.

The launch of Newmarket Strategy in March came following the departure of O’Shaughnessy from Portland amid allegations that he and the agency had violated the PRCA code of conduct. A complaint lodged with the PRCA was dropped.

O’Shaughnessy described Newmarket Strategy’s mission as “to help patients and clinicians have better access to life-changing innovations.”

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