ND Health Department to Add Booster Dose Data to COVID Dashboard Soon

The state health department announced in a town hall on Thursday that 8,000 North Dakotas had received a Pfizer COVID-19 recall so far.

The booster is recommended for people 65 years of age and over, those at high risk or those working in a high exposure environment. This is because the effectiveness of the vaccine decreases over time.

The number of active cases in North Dakota has been increasing since late July, and public health officials say it’s difficult to predict when the outbreak will slow down.

They say the increased vaccination rate in the state will prevent more people from getting infected and even more from being hospitalized.

Representatives of the North Dakota Long Term Care Association say residents will soon have access to a booster shot.

“Once we learned over the weekend that this was moving forward, facilities were encouraged to contact their primary vaccinator and schedule their booster doses, immunization clinics should I say, as soon as possible, “said the emergency director of the ND Long Term Care Association. Planning, said Vanessa Raile.

If you have received the Moderna or Johnson & Johnson vaccine, there is not yet an FDA approved option to get a booster dose.

The state also said it was working on adding booster dose data to its COVID-19 dashboard.

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