Mirembe launches community mental health outreach

By Doreen Parkshard

Dodom. Mirembe National Mental Health Hospital (MNMHH) launched a community outreach on Tuesday August 2 to raise public awareness of mental health issues.

The campaign targets initiatives undertaken to improve the mental well-being of people in their areas of residence, schools and workplaces with a good understanding of mental stability.

Addressing the audience at the session, the head of the mental health and training department in Mirembe, Dr Innocent Mwombeki, said the initiative was undertaken due to the decrease in the number of patients visiting in the hospital for mental medication.

“In the beginning, the patients were the ones who came to the hospital for medicine, now we are reaching out to them for medicine. We have targeted to start promoting mental health awareness in Dodoma through various activities such as a marathon to be held on September 10, World Mental Health Day,’ he said.

The success of the initiated efforts is to highlight social stability and help mitigate crime in the community.

Insp. Verediana Mlimba said it would be a preliminary step to assess the social situation of people facing such challenges.


“It all starts with how a person thinks. Before committing a crime, a person begins to have malicious thoughts and intentions to hurt others. Through this program, people will be able to detect any changes in behavior of those who intend to harm them in order to protect themselves,” she said.

The increase in the number of brutal murders and physical violence has been closely associated with mental depression that people have experienced in life, as explained by experts.

Roselyn Malenya, a psychologist at Milembe Hospital, received several cases related to physical harassment and brutal murders, especially among couples due to mental breakdown.

“Social changes in stereotypes have led to confusion and conflict between men and women. It’s time for us to act on this as long as the community is willing to offer a hand in the process we can overcome this. She said that.

On behalf of the government, the Ministry of Health Mental Health Coordinator Dr Erasmus Mndeme applauded the initiatives taken by the hospital.

“Instead of staying in the hospital waiting for patients, it was a good idea to interact with the public to better understand what led them to experience such depression.”