Ministry of Health inspects more than 100 establishments | Free sharing

The inspection and regulation of restaurants and other food service establishments in Alabama is the responsibility of environmental staff from the Alabama Department of Public Health of the county health departments and the Division of Food, Milk and accommodation (FML).

County Health Departments enforce rules for establishments such as restaurants, grocery stores and convenience stores.

Inspection reports and permits should be posted in a prominent place in the establishment. A numerical scoring system on a 100 point scale is used with points deducted for each violation.

The Marshall County Health Department inspected 129 food establishments in June and issued these ratings, ranked from lowest to highest:

Arby, Guntersville, 74

Cabo Mexican Restaurant, Guntersville, 75

Foodland (Deli/Bakery), Guntersville, 75

The Brick, Guntersville, 76

Cracker Barrel, Guntersville, 77

Legends Bar & Grill, Guntersville, 78

Mi Palmar Supermarket, Boaz, 78

Legends Bar & Grill, Albertville, 78

Jessy Tacos & Tortas, Guntersville, 79

JD’s Grill Steak and Seafood, Guntersville, 80

Legend Mini Marts, Guntersville, 81

KFC, Guntersville, 82

Buffalo Eddie’s Casting House, Guntersville, 82

Stan’s Food Mart, Albertville, 82

Camp Trico (Kitchen), Guntersville, 82

AFC Sushi (Foodland Plus), Albertville, 84

Food City (Restaurant), Albertville, 84

The Wildcat Cafe, Guntersville, 84

Arab Gastronomy and Gas, Arabic, 85

Tropical Smoothie Cafe, Albertville, 85

Cafe 336, Guntersville, 86

Chez Nico (baker), Albertville, 86

Chez Nico (Meat), Albertville, 86

Tienda Hispana, Albertville, 86

Piggly Wiggly (Caterer), Albertville, 86

Lean Kitchen, Guntersville, 86

Y Mart Inc. (Deli), Boaz, 86

Marco’s Pizza, Albertville, 87

Panaderia Mana, Albertville, 87

Y Mart Inc. (Bakery), Boaz, 87

El Gallo Real, Albertville, 88

D&J Express Inc., Guntersville, 88

Fantastic Pho, Guntersville, 88

Waffle maker, Albertville, 88

Fairfield Inn & Suites by Marriott (Dining), Albertville, 88

Tre Ragazzis, Booz, 88 years old

Scant City Food Mart, Arab, 88

Jonica’s Bakery, Guntersville, 89

Panda III, Arab, 89 years old

Taco Bell, Guntersville, 89

EHPAD Albertville, Albertville, 89

La Michoacanita, Albertville, 89

Moe’s Original Bar-B-Que, Guntersville, 89

MiMi’s Holiday and Bake Shop, Guntersville, 89

Camp Cha-La-Kee (YMCA) (Kitchen), Guntersville, 89

Shanghai Express, Boaz, 89

Zaxby’s, Guntersville, 89

Foodland (Meat Mkt.), Guntersville, 89

Bakery Guelaguetza, Albertville, 90

Jet Pep, Albertville, 90

Mariscos Don Julio, Boaz, 90 years old

Shiloh Farms Food Store, Boaz, 90

Los Arcos, Arabic, 90s

Bubba Ritos, Guntersville, 90

Fonzy 7-11 Grocery and Beverage, Albertville, 91

Burger King, Guntersville, 91

Krystal Kwik, Booz, 91 years old

Dollar General, Albertville, 91

Aqua Restaurant, Guntersville, 91

CiCi’s Pizza, Guntersville, 91

Walmart (Deli), Guntersville, 91

Julia’s Mexican Restaurant, Guntersville, 91

Foodland (Seafood), Guntersville, 91

Albertville House Bakery, Albertville, 92

Captain D Seafood, Arabic, 92

Bubba Ritos, Booz, 92 years old

Dollar Tree, Albertville, 92

Foodland (Meat Mkt.), Boaz, 92

BP Food Mart, Albertville, 92

B&A Quick Stop, Albertville, 92

Discount Food Mart, Albertville, 92

Applebee, Guntersville, 92

Cafeteria at Brindlee Mountain Elementary School, Arabic, 92

Little Caesars Pizza, Arabic, 92

Sakura Japanese Steakhouse, Guntersville, 92

H and H Ice (Commissioner), Boaz, 92

SMPA (Coffee Concessions), Albertville, 93

Zaxby’s, Arab, 93 years old

Rose Road Nutrition, Albertville, 93

Metro, Arabic, 93

Kona Ice (curator), Arab, 93 years old

Publix (Deli), Guntersville, 93

Guntersville Elementary School Cafe, Guntersville, 93

Penguins Hermanos, Boaz, 93 years old

Crushed ice paradise, Boaz, 93

Chow King, Albertville, 93 years old

New Chinese Restaurant, Guntersville, 93

Popeyes Louisiana kitchen, Boaz, 93

SMPA (Aquatic), Albertville, 94

McDonald’s, Guntersville, 94

Dunkin/Baskin, Albertville, 94

Communal School of Albertville, Albertville, 94

Guntersville Child Development Center, Guntersville, 94

Local Joe’s, Albertville, 94

Captain D Seafood, Guntersville, 94

Foodland (Retail trade), Albertville, 95

Snow Kone Factory Police Station, Albertville, 95

Huddle House, Guntersville, 95

JJ’s Drive Thru Burgers, Guntersville, 95

Commissioner Real Taco, 95 years old

Albertville Chevron, Albertville, 95

KFC, Guntersville, 95

Martling Friendship Center, Albertville, 95

El Camino Real, Guntersville, 95

Gordos Road, Albertville, 96

Subway, Guntersville, 96

Main Canal Brewery, Guntersville, 96

Alder Springs Grocery, Albertville, 96

Take away snow, Arabic, 96

Camp Ney-A-Ti (Kitchen), Guntersville, 96

Cafeteria Boaz Elementary, Boaz, 97

Mr. Snowball, Horton, 97

Kona Ice (Blount Co.), Arab, 97

Publix (Meat Mkt.), Guntersville, 97

Albertville Elementary School Cafeteria, Albertville, 97

DAR Schools Cafeteria, Grant, 97

Douglas Schools Cafeteria, Douglas, 97

Arby’s, Arab, 97

Pizza Little Caesars, Albertville, 98

Publix (Bakery), Guntersville, 98

Namely Claudia, Arab, 98 years old

Cherokee Elementary School Cafeteria, Guntersville, 98

Chick-Fil-A, Guntersville, 98

Walmart (bakery), Guntersville, 98

Walgreens, Albertville, 99

Publix (seafood), Guntersville, 99

Asbury High School Cafeteria, Albertville, 99

AFC Sushi (Publix), Guntersville, 100

Albertville Kindergarten/Pre-K Cafeteria, Albertville, 100