Metro Detroit Health Agencies Prepare To Deploy COVID-19 Vaccines For Children Aged 5-11

(WXYZ) – A rollout of the long-awaited COVID-19 vaccine for children aged 5 to 11 could take place as early as next week.

The FDA and CDC are expected to give their final approval overnight. Local health services are already planning ahead.

It will be similar to the vaccine rollout for adults, but we learn that health officials are planning some changes to make vaccines for children more convenient for families.

Officials say they’ve been planning the rollout for weeks.

The snaps will be available at doctor’s offices and recreation centers, but the health department said it is also adding schools to the mix.

The state has already ordered thousands of doses, and we should see them here locally very soon.

Megan Wright Jones said bringing her kids to school every day is nerve-racking, especially since they’re not yet eligible for the vaccine.

“That risk factor that they were in school and maybe bringing home a virus, that was really a lot,” Jones said.

Jones is a future mother of three and shares her home with two grandparents. This is why she got the vaccine and her children too.

“No, that wasn’t even a question, we didn’t think about in case we shouldn’t, it was just when it does, you’ll get it,” she said.

In anticipation of final CDC approval, the Oakland County Department of Health has already made pre-orders for pediatric doses of Pfizer. They work with local school districts to organize immunization clinics in schools.

Some parents think the federal health agencies are rushing this rollout and their plan is to wait and see.

Dr Molly O’Shea, a pediatrician at Birmingham Pediatrics, said she understood the reluctance. The vaccine is new, but she is convinced that it is safe and she is ready to put it in the arms of her patients.

“If the children could get the vaccine and the vast majority received the vaccine, we would have a much less disrupted school experience and the children would be much healthier,” said O’Shea.

Other health experts hope parents know the facts and get their children immunized.

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