Linux Foundation Public Health Expands Technology and Public Health Community, Accelerates Fight Against COVID-19

SAN FRANCISCO, December 16, 2020 / PRNewswire / – Linux Foundation Public Health (LFPH), the organization that creates, secures and maintains open source software to help public health authorities (PHAs) around the world fight COVID-19 and future outbreaks , announced today that it will host the COVID-19 -19 Credentials Initiative, a verifiable credentials (VC) privacy protection effort focused on interoperability. He also announces a new general manager Brian Behlendorf, new public health commitments and investments in members and a new set of open source guidelines for exposure risk notifications.

Since launch in july this year, LFPH secured new commitments across all sectors and disciplines and adds new initiatives to collaboratively address confidentiality, efficiency and integrity in software that helps prevent and slow the spread of disease. infectious.

COVID-19 Credentials Initiative becomes part of LFPH

The COVID-19 accreditation initiative is a global community of over 300 technologists, academics and healthcare professionals from over 100 organizations working on projects that use verifiable, privacy-focused credentials to mitigate the spread of COVID-19. Its guiding principles include interoperability, privacy, data protection and inclusion. The community will bring together new open standards work with existing health data standards to ensure vaccine credentials are interoperable and digitally verifiable.

“LFPH is a natural home for CCI. There is strong alignment on the most pressing issues to be addressed, such as interoperability, privacy, and ethics when it comes to vaccine credentials. Most importantly, LFPH strives to respect the open and community-oriented nature of CCI, which is essential to true collaboration and wide adoption. We look forward to working with LFPH and stakeholders from communities, sectors and industries, particularly PLHIV, on vaccine referrals for COVID-19 and other public health referrals, ”said Lucy yang, co-leader, COVID-19 Credentials Initiative.

Open source and digital identity visionary Brian Behlendorf becomes general manager of the LFPH

Brian Behlendorf will assume the role of Executive Director of LFPH, while serving as Executive Director of the Linux Foundation’s Hyperledger Project and overseeing various initiatives in the areas of blockchain, healthcare and digital identity. Behlendorf was a founding member of the Apache Software Foundation, served as technical director of the World Economic Forum 2011-2012, and worked in the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy in 2009 and the Department of Health and Human Services. in 2010 to advance the use of open standards through the use of open source software.

“Thanks to the passionate leadership of the late Dan Kohn, the LFPH is mobilizing to use open source software to accelerate work against COVID-19, with an early focus on exposure notifications. This work is well advanced and is already having a very real impact ”, declared Jim zemlin, executive director of the Linux Foundation. “LFPH now looks to the future, a future where we can help bring together diverse constituents to create, secure and sustain technologies that fight COVID-19 today and other epidemics tomorrow. There is no one more apt to enable this kind of collaboration and continue Dan’s legacy with LFPH than Brian Behlendorf. “

“It is an honor to be able to advance the work of the LFPH which was initiated by the open source hero Dan Kohn,” noted Brian Behlendorf, Managing Director, LFPH and Hyperledger of the Linux Foundation. “There is both a requirement and a tremendous opportunity to bring together the world’s best public health technologists, scientists, physicians and academics to strike the right balance between confidentiality and effectiveness in preventing and slowing the spread of disease. Infectious diseases. It is a job that we know how to do. do and work we need to do.

New collaboration and investments

The Health Service Executive Ireland, the New Jersey Office of Innovation, the North Carolina Department of Human and Health Services and the Boston Public Health Commission are the latest PLHIV to join the LFPH. accelerate adoption and innovation. LFPH also announces a new MotionMob member and that WeHealth, the company that implements Covid Watch, is improving its members and is now a founding general member. Other founding members include Cisco,, Geometer, IBM, NearForm, Tencent and VMware.

“HSE contributed to the source code for COVID Green in the summer of 2020. Our goal was to try to help other public health authorities in the fight against COVID.” said Gar Mac Criosta of the Health Service Executive of Ireland. “Membership has brought a number of benefits, first and foremost an active and open community, all aligned in a fight against COVID-19. I think the engagement so far has opened the eyes of people across government on the benefits of open source, especially in situations where public trust is paramount ”,

“My choices before LFPH were McKinsey or vendor arguments. LFPH provided something with no financial skin in the game that I can use as a public health authority,” said Mike Flowers, NJ Office of Innovation.

Open source guidelines for risk notifications

LFPH was launched with two hosted exposure notification projects, COVID Shield and COVID Green, to advance the phone alerts that people can receive to inform them that they have been exposed to someone diagnosed with COVID-19. The Exposure Notification System (ENS) provided by Apple and Google has a configurable component, a risk score, which allows health authorities to specify what types or levels of exposure should trigger a notification.

In a series of meetings at november 2020, LFPH and Apple, CDC, Google and MIT organized the Risk Score Symposium Invitational to inform decision-making for health authorities who are using, or planning to use, ENS in their region. The resultant guidelines are available now.

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About Linux Foundation Public Health

Linux Foundation Public Health (LFPH) uses open source software to help public health authorities (PHAs) around the world fight COVID-19 and future outbreaks. LFPH projects include COVID Shield – being rolled out in Canada and Mongolia – and COVID Green, which has been deployed in five countries and four US states. As new projects contribute, LFPH will expand its reach to software support for all phases of PHA testing, tracing and isolation activities. LFPH is part of the non-profit Linux Foundation. For more information, please visit

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