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British bakery brand Kingsmill today announced a major new multi-pillar commitment to making a positive difference for our local communities, the health of the nation and the planet.

Kingsmill’s ‘Slice of Kindness’ commitment is expected to create lasting change in 2021 and beyond through the rollout of several new initiatives as part of the brand’s health, social and environmental manifesto. These include:

A new relationship with Save The Children to help tackle child poverty in the UK

The Kingsmill Kindness Fund – financial support to reward superstars in our communities

Fiber Focus – dedicated product solutions to help increase UK fiber and whole grain intakes

Defend curbside collections for bread bags and other flexible plastics before 2026 *

Packaging innovations and recycled content first for bread bags, marking Kingsmill’s commitment to the circular economy

The news builds on a legacy of community activity from the bakery brand, including a five-year history with FareShare. In 2020, Kingsmill donated more than two million meals to the charity and local communities at its UK bakeries in response to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Over the past year, Kingsmill has also maintained supply to all of its customers at 99%, through continued team efforts throughout the supply chain, coming together to do their part to feed the nation. as customers and buyers worked their way through the testing periods.

Kingsmill is the only bread brand to carry the Carbon Trust logo and has been reducing emissions every year for the past 11 years. The bakery is also supporting a five-year pilot project with UK farms to increase sustainable farming practices, a program run in collaboration with Allied Mills.

Chris Craig, Co-Managing Director of Kingsmill, explains: “As last year’s blockades have shown us, a little kindness can make a big difference – and when it comes to the health of the nation, our communities and our planet, people want actions and not words.

“We integrate Kingsmill’s ‘slice of cuteness’ throughout our business as a formal commitment to take our previous work to the next level with important new initiatives.

“We are committed to acting quickly where we can make a big difference. Where possible, we work with the right partners, including our packaging suppliers and customers, to support positive change. ”

Doing good through our local communities: Save the Children and Community Support

Kingsmill will welcome Save the Children as a new partner under its community pillar. The brand will support the charity to help ensure that the country’s most disadvantaged children have access to early learning kits, supermarket vouchers and essential household items. Their common mission is “Power UK Families Everyday”.

In addition to donating a minimum of £ 150,000 in the first year, Kingsmill will support the partnership with a 12-month sponsorship of The Simpsons on Channel 4, advertising campaigns, a special charity bread and the addition of the Save the Children logo to the packaging and its distribution fleet.

A Kingsmill Kindness Fund has been set up to work with local communities in parallel, seeking to financially support and reward both the ‘neighborhood superstars’ who make a difference every day, as well as the Kingsmill employees who make volunteering in areas close to their hearts.

Doing the Right Thing for the Health of the Nation: Product Innovation and Expansion

The innovation produced by Kingsmill will focus on increasing healthier choices for UK families. Kingsmill 50/50 is the best-selling brand of healthier white bread, and the bakery recently expanded its offering with the launch of its 50/50 Multi-seed and 50/50 No-Bits Multi-seed breads, offering more sources whole grain and fiber that is currently lacking in many UK diets.

The average fiber intake for adults is 19.7g per day+, below the recommended 30 g / day. In children, mean intakes also remain below the age-adjusted recommendations for each age group. Kingsmill’s mission is to help change that.

Doing good for the planet: the recycling commitment

25 million bread bags are used in the UK every week, but the majority of them end up in landfills rather than being recycled. Kingsmill believes he has a role and a responsibility to help change that and create a stronger circular economy for soft plastics.

Chris Craig explains, “We really want people to know that Kingsmill bread bags are recyclable. We believe the UK needs infrastructure to support a sustainable plastic economy, an economy where recyclable plastic, like bread bags, can be collected outside homes and recycled. For now, however, we urge everyone to take these bags to the nearest in-store recycling point in major supermarkets. The more everyone uses this facility, the more recycled material there will be to use in packaging innovations that use recycled plastic rather than virgin plastic.

“One of those innovations is a trial we’re announcing today that allows us to introduce recycled content into our Kingsmill 50/50 No Crusts packaging starting in September – the first bakery brand to reach this milestone .

Chris Craig concludes: “As we have seen over the past 18 months, we are all at our best when we support each other. Making a difference for the people of our local communities has always been important to Kingsmill and our Slice of Kindness commitment goes further to create a bigger and better impact.


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