Island Health’s Community Corners location is adding a new fitness club to its gym. | Ithaca

ITHACA, NY – Island Health and Fitness is reopening its Community Corners location, but with a new addition. The new IGNITE at Island Fitness Club focuses on three main pillars: build, burn and breathe.

“The approach is to ensure members get everything they need for a comprehensive fitness plan,” program manager Stephanie Wright said.

Wright said IGNITE is a “gym within a gym” model that adds a prominent club to the main fitness center.

“IGNITE is its own brand under Island Health, with highly scheduled and specialized classes,” she said. “It’s very targeted and very specific.”

Classes are led by personal trainers and expert yoga instructors who also work with physical therapists to create more comprehensive, science-based workouts. The “build” pillar will be anchored with a high-intensity interval training (HIIT) class, while “burn” is a cycling-based class and “breathe” is a recovery class for the rest day that takes place. focuses on training flexibility and mobility through yoga.

“The classes we do are for everyone,” Wright said. “It’s to make everyone’s life easier and better. It will be great for anyone who needs to build strength or wants to manage their weight.

She said beginners and experts alike will find the classes scalable to their level, and added that they particularly want beginners who have never been to a gym to feel welcome.

“The classes aren’t hard to do, but they’re very effective and functional,” Wright said. “As someone who’s worked in the fitness industry, I’ve found in my experience that you need to have a more holistic approach. If you’re just doing cardio, weight training, or yoga, you’re going to miss something We want to make sure we’re taking care of the whole person.

Wright also said they wanted the workouts to feel like you’re participating in an experiment, so each class has its own lighting scheme, atmosphere, and “vibe.”

“We want to make sure our members leave feeling good,” she said. “The cycling course will be like a club atmosphere […] What sets us apart is the atmosphere we have taken the time to create.

In addition to specialty classes, IGNITE members also have access to the main gym floor for personal workouts.

IGNITE is hosting a “Sneak Peek Week” with free 55-minute lessons this week. All classes start at 5:45 p.m.

  • Wednesday, December 15: Student evening
  • Thursday, December 16: Island Members Night
  • Friday, December 17: POC (People Of Color) party, sponsored by Stephanie Wright, Ms. Harmony Malone and Cayuga Health’s Chief Diversity Officer, Herb Alexander
  • Monday, December 20: Ladies Night, 25 and over
  • Tuesday, December 21: Cayuga Medical Center Employee Night, sponsored by Kristen Verrill
  • Wednesday, December 22: Open Breathe Night

All Sneak Peek classes except December 22 will include 20 minutes of Burn (cycling) and 24 minutes of Build (HIIT). December 22 will be a Breathe (yoga) class. Register by calling the front desk at 607-277-3861 or stopping downtown at 310 Taughannock Blvd. The Community Corners location is at 903 Hanshaw Rd.

The comprehensive fitness center will reopen in January after closing in early summer, and Wright said members seem excited so far.

“They’re excited to try new classes,” she said. “It was all a positive reaction.”

When the gym reopens, there will be IGNITE classes early in the morning, one class at lunch, two in the evening and on Saturdays. Memberships cost $39 per month for gym access or $99 per month for gym access and unlimited access to IGNITE.