Harbor Regional Health Community Hospital Foundation Announces Grand Opening of Former East Campus as Richard and Patricia Warren Medical Services Building

Submitted by Harbor Regional Health

Ta Harbor Regional Health Community Hospital Foundation (the Foundation) is proud to announce the grand opening of the Old East Campus building at 1006 North H Street, Aberdeen in honor of Richard and Patricia Warren. From 2016 to 2020, the estate of Richard and Patricia Warren created a trust of just over $ 6.3 million for the Foundation.

In 2002, the Warren family won $ 40 million (after tax) in the Washington State Lottery and generously decided to find places where the funds would have the greatest impact in the community. The HRH Community Hospital Foundation was one of the grateful recipients.

Then-GHCH Chairman Randy Ross said at the time, “We are humble and grateful for Warren’s gift and determined that their legacy will live on by helping the residents of Grays Harbor County. This donation will impact the entire community for many years to come and establish a solid foundation for the Foundation. “

This statement has been held true even though the Foundation has made significant investments that have improved the care and comfort provided to our community through the hospital. Smart investments and strict criteria for the use of funds increased initial trust, proving that the Foundation is determined to be strong stewards of the investment the Warrens have made in our community.

When the time came for the organization to rebrand, the Harbor Regional Health Community Hospital Foundation agreed to pay for the new exterior signage at our facilities. Recognizing the benefit of the Warrens’ large investment, it was decided to dedicate what was previously called East Campus as the Richard and Patricia Warren Medical Service Building, the Warren Building for short. In this way, we strive to honor the Warrens every day. While many people still call the St. Joes facility and others still call it East Campus, we hope you will join us in honoring the Warrens and their extraordinary generosity every time you think of Warren Medical Services. Building.

At a building dedication ceremony, Greater Grays Harbor Inc. and the HRH Community Hospital Foundation are hosting an event at 1006 North H. St on December 1st.st at noon. The public is invited to attend this outdoor event to honor the generosity and investment of Richard and Patricia in our community.

“We hope you will join us in honoring the legacy and investment Richard and Patricia Warren have made in our community. We are deeply grateful for their generous donation and we are committed to using these funds to benefit our community for generations to come, ”said Tom Jensen, CEO of Harbor Regional Health.