Federal Budget 2022: health and environment announcements buried in budget documents

There were many important announcements in this year’s budget, but there are a few you may have missed.

Amid pricey cost-of-living announcements and record investments in health care, defense and small business, some more modest budget allocations can easily be overlooked.

From tackling illegal logging to expanding support for grieving parents of stillbirths, there’s something in this budget for most industries and every Australian.

Here is some information you may have missed.

A helping hand for grieving parents

As part of a $28 million Maternal Health Bereavement Support Program, $2.2 million has been set aside over three years to fund parents’ transportation costs, when travel is necessary to perform a stillbirth autopsy.

This is in addition to $11.2 million over three years to increase stillbirth autopsies by creating dedicated perinatal pathologist positions in every state and territory.

Funding worth $5.1 million over four years will establish a new grant program for stillbirth and miscarriage support services.

Illegal Logging and Queen’s Trees

The government will spend $4.4 million over the next two years to strengthen “Australia’s illegal logging tracking and identification systems”.

This is part of the government’s five-year, $114.6 million program, announced last year, to support the forestry and fishing industries.

And, to mark the Queen’s Jubilee, $20.3 million over the three years from the 2021-22 financial year will be spent to encourage community grants to plant trees.

Funding for this was provided prior to this budget.

Fighting the “new” crimes

With the rise in crimes of foreign interference, espionage and money laundering around the world, the Attorney General’s Department will spend $15.7 million over four years to increase national capacity.

The money will increase the capacity of the Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions to respond to increased caseloads due to new crimes being added to the Criminal Code.

Bringing Australian Paralympians to Paris

Over $10 million will be spent over the next three years for Paralympics Australia to prepare and support Australia’s Paralympic Team ahead of the 2024 Paralympic Games.

This is part of a $119.3 million package provided in last year’s budget to support international sporting events and sport participation in Australia.

Just over $3 million will be spent over two years on Football Australia encouraging more women and girls to participate in football.

At least $79.6 million of the envelope has been set aside for the continuation of “schools for sport” over the next three years, to help children “of all abilities” be more physically active and develop healthy behaviors.

Helping Australians stay sexually healthy

As part of a series of preventative health measures, $8.6 million will be spent over the coming year to continue initiatives to prevent and treat blood-borne viruses and sexually transmitted infections.

Commemorating Veterans Abroad

Over the next two years, the government will spend $4.9 million to build a Remembrance Trail on a Greek island to honor Australian veterans.

The money will help build the ‘Lemnos Remembrance Trail’ on the former site of an Australian field hospital on the island of Lemnos.

And, in Malaysia, $5.1 million will be spent over the next three years to rebuild the visitors’ pavilion at Sandakan Memorial Park.