ETSU College of Nursing Receives Grant for Community Health Centers ETSU Health | Education

The College of Nursing at East Tennessee State University recently received a $569,025 grant that will allow ETSU Health Community Health Centers to increase and improve services at clinics in Hancock County and Johnson City.

The Health Resources & Services Administration grant is part of the US bailout funding.

“These funds will help our health centers accomplish our mission by providing much-needed upgrades and repairs to some of our facilities,” said Silas Tolan, executive director, Office of Practice. “In particular, these funds will allow us to expand our reach to the Hancock County community through increased capacity at our elementary school clinic site.”

The grant will allow the ETSU College of Nursing to double the patient exam space at ETSU Health Hancock County Elementary Clinic by adding two new exam rooms. A new office/workspace is also planned for the clinic. Renovation work is expected to begin in fall 2022.

Located on the grounds of Hancock County Elementary School, the ETSU Health Hancock County Elementary Clinic provides primary care, urgent care, and mental health services to the Hancock County community. It is one of two community health centers operated by ETSU College of Nursing in Hancock County. The second clinic is located inside Hancock County High School.

In addition, the college will also use grants to improve its ETSU Health Community Health Centers in Johnson City. Safety and general maintenance upgrades are planned for the ETSU Health Johnson City Downtown Day Center, and a new ultrasound machine will be added to the ETSU Health Johnson City Community Health Center.

“We are excited to see our clinics grow and be in a better position to serve our patients,” Tolan said.

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