Entities unite for health, the environment


Do It Best Barbados has partnered with Newport Systems Inc. to unveil its Hydrate Barbados water station at Sheraton Mall to help reduce plastic waste on the island and encourage a healthier lifestyle through the island.

Kelly Stoute, General Manager of Sheraton Mall, stressed the importance of the mall supporting environmental programs and initiatives that minimize waste.

“We want to reduce our carbon footprint and support other organizations with similar goals,” Stoute said.

Sheraton Mall supports many environmental organizations, including the Waste 0 Resources Trust, a platform that aims to educate and encourage Barbadians to reduce the amount of plastic and waste in their daily lives. The implementation of the Hydrate Barbados program aligns with the environmental goals of the Sheraton Mall.

The new hydration system is located in the center of the Sheraton’s main entrance for easy access for all in an effort to reduce reliance on single-use bottles and encourage Barbadians to increase their water consumption in a way. sustainable. Indeed, on the system itself, he points out that if only 1 in 5 Barbados used refillable water bottles, the island could save over 8.5 million water bottles per year.

True to its support for environmental initiatives, Do it Best also encourages all customers to join their Best Reward membership program where customers who shop with their reusable bag on Thursdays receive 20% off their purchase.

The hydration system is completely non-contact, which only requires the user to bring their own refillable water tank and use a foot pedal to operate the system. The water distributed is refrigerated and completely free for the user. In addition to sponsoring the system, Do it Best will cover the costs of maintaining the hydration system.

The Hydrate Barbados program, launched by Newport Water in 2020, aims to reduce plastic waste by deploying drinking water stations in key areas, such as schools, businesses and public spaces.

The initiative provides free, purified and refrigerated drinking water, thereby encouraging hydration to the public in Barbados. This program is designed to empower Barbadians, organizations and visitors in a national campaign for health and wellness, and in the fight against single-use plastics in the environment. Sheraton Mall is now home to the 10th Hydrate Barbados station and the program has now passed
200,000 refills of reusable bottles.

Hydrate Barbados thanked Do it Best for their partnership as well as Sheraton Mall for hosting the filtration system as part of their ongoing efforts to empower Barbadians to protect the oceans and landfills from single-use plastic bottles. (RP)

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