Egyptian health and environment ministers discuss preparations for COP 27 conference


Environment Minister Yassmin Fouad meets interim Minister of Health Houssam Abdel-Ghaffar – press photo

CAIRO – December 2, 2021: In preparation for the COP 27 conference to be held in Egypt in November 2022, the Egyptian Ministry of the Environment and the Minister of Health are working on the development of a health security plan during the conference, amid the spread of the new strain of coronavirus (Omicron).

Environment Minister Yassmin Fouad met with Acting Minister of Health Khaled Abdel-Ghaffar to discuss logistics and all anti-coronavirus preventive measures during the conference. The two ministers also discussed the importance of merging environmental issues and the impacts of climate change with the graduate projects of university students.

Minister Abdel-Ghaffar affirmed his support for the plan of the Ministry of the Environment regarding the COP27 conference, affirming that the Ministry of Health will take all preventive measures and allocate hospitals for emergencies, in addition to places of emergency. ‘isolation. He added that test kits to detect the coronavirus will be available at airports, hotels, conference venues, in addition to providing ambulances and medical teams during conference activities.

The acting health minister said a session on the impacts of climate change on people’s health will be held during the conference, in addition to another session on mainstreaming climate change into university curricula, in especially in medical education to combat diseases that accompany high temperatures.