Department of Health warns residents of Castle Bruce against eating unsafe meat

The Ministry of Health’s Department of Environmental Health has issued an urgent appeal to residents of Castle Bruce, particularly those who have purchased cow meat in this community this week, not to consume this meat as it is considered dangerous and unhealthy.

In an announcement on Thursday, environmental health officer Tassie Thomas advised those who purchased said meat to dispose of it by burial “immediately”.

She told Dominica News Online (DNO) in an interview on Friday that the cow was treated with antibiotics, a procedure used before she was slaughtered for food, and which is expected to last up to 28 days. before the antibiotics can be out of the animal’s system.

However, Thomas said the farmer realized the cow was getting sick and although “the vet warned him not to kill her, he still went ahead and killed her”.

“When we heard about it, we picked up the carcass and the rest of the meat and ordered it [bury] because we couldn’t just throw it out in the open,” she said. “He either burned it or buried it.”

Thomas said it looked like the farmer had already sold this meat to a few people, so it became necessary for the Department of Environmental Health to make an announcement “to let them know that if they hadn’t eaten the meat, they should get rid of it immediately.”

She further explained that the problem with antibiotics and the consumption of meat with antibiotics at an early stage is that when given to the animal, it is very concentrated in the meat and alters the own system of fighting against it. the disease of the individual, “In the sense that if you’re sick and it’s the antibiotics that have to cure you, the body is going to develop resistance to the antibiotics that the doctor has prescribed for you,” Thomas said. where the reason why the animal must go through the 28-day waiting period.”

Thomas went on to reveal that there was a penalty for this act and the farmer could have been charged and taken to court.

However, according to Thomas, “he didn’t know and was unaware of what he was getting into and the fact that we had confiscated almost all the meat, we just had to leave him alone”.