Department of Health halts weekly COVID-19 updates – Leavenworth Times

The Leavenworth County Health Department has ceased its practice of issuing weekly updates on local COVID-19 cases.

The Department of Health had issued updates on Monday, but no update was provided this week.

“While evaluating the ability to continue weekly reporting, we have found, with the availability of home testing and (the Kansas Department of Health and Environment) changing its data reporting last week, we are at a point where we are no more able to report accurate data and information as we have been,” county spokeswoman Stephanie Sloop said in an email to The Times on Tuesday. “The purpose of public health data is to provide information to people so they can take steps to stay safer and healthier. Therefore, we are stopping weekly reporting of county-level COVID-19 data. . »

Sloop said people can still find COVID-19 data on a KDHE website,

KDHE now updates its COVID-19 dashboard online once a week on Fridays. The information provided by the KDHE includes the total number of COVID-19 cases that have been reported in each county.

The Leavenworth County Health Department continues to offer a weekly COVID-19 vaccine walk-in clinic from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Thursdays at 500 Eisenhower Road.

The Department of Health will begin giving second booster shots to people age 50 and older and immunocompromised people who qualify.

More information about who is eligible for second booster shots can be found on the county government website,