Department of Health announces retail food inspections in May

The Jackson County Health Department’s retail food establishment inspections for May 2022 were recently released.

Critical violations are defined as a provision of Sanitation Requirements for Retail Food Establishments, Title 410 IAC 7-24, which, if found to be non-compliant, is more likely than other violations to contribute significantly to the food contamination, disease or environmental health hazard. Example: hot foods not held at 135°F or hotter, cold foods at or below 41°F or contaminated food contact surfaces.

Non-critical violations are provisions of Sanitation Requirements for Retail Food Establishments, Title 410 IAC 7-24, which, if not in compliance, are not likely to contribute significantly to food contamination, disease or environmental health risks, but are areas of concern. Examples: Do not leave hair clips or mops in a mop bucket rather than letting them air dry.

Repeat violations are issued when a follow-up inspection reveals that a previous problem has not been corrected and the establishment continues to be non-compliant and unsafe.


Brownstown Central Middle School, 620 W. Walnut St., Brownstown

No violations.

Brownstown Central High School, 500 N. Elm Street, Brownstown

No violation

Brownstown Elementary School, 612 S. Base Road, Brownstown

No violation

Central Lutheran School, 415 N. Elm Street, Brownstown

No violation

St. John’s Sauers Lutheran School, 1058 S. County Road 460E, Seymour

No violation

Medora Community Schools, 82 S. George St., Medora

No violation

Sandy Creek Christian Academy, 5707 N. Sandy Creek Drive, Seymour

No violation

Seymour High School, 920 N. O’Brien St., Seymour

No violation

St. Ambrose Catholic School, 301 S. Chestnut Street, Seymour

No violation

Crothersville Community Schools, 109 N. Preston St., Crothersville

No violation

New Healthy Transformation, 906 E. Tipton St., Seymour

No violation

Steak ‘n Shake: 1640 E. Tipton St., Seymour

2 critical violations (several food contact surfaces found very dirty, containers and utensils found very dirty)

12 non-critical (no hair restraints used by employee at start of inspection, shaking unprotected containers from potential contamination, spoons not stored with handles up, procedures for washing, rinsing and sanitizing are not followed, refrigerator bottoms, shakers and back splashes are not cleaned frequently enough to prevent buildup of food particles, containers are not allowed to air dry before cleaning. being piled up, the air vents have a buildup of mold-like substances, the faucet is leaking on the three-bay sink, the premises are not cleaned often enough to avoid the accumulation of dust and grease, the exhaust hood in the sandwich preparation area must be maintained and cleaned, all unused materials must be removed or stored in an orderly manner).

Pizza Palace, 832 W. Tipton St., Seymour

2 critical violations (employees do not wash their hands regularly, employees open their drink on the prep table)

2 non-critical violations (freezer doors do not close properly, hair ties must be worn)

Indiana Nutrition, 406 E. Second St., Seymour

1 non-critical violation (ice shovel handle in contact with ice)

Far Out Fitness and Health, 1171 W. Tipton St., Suite J, Seymour

No violation

Camp Pyoca, 886 E. County Road 100S, Brownstown

No violation

Pizza Hut, 1411 E. Tipton St., Seymour

3 non-critical violations (air vents near haul panel need cleaning, vent hood has peeling or peeling paint or sealant, both exit doors need door sweeps adjusted or replaced)

San Marcos, 501 N. Ewing St., Seymour

2 reviews (raw shrimp should be kept below 41 degrees (probed at 56 degrees), employees should wear gloves when handling ready-to-eat foods)

Old Buffet China, 1246 E. Tipton St., Seymour

1 review (clean dishes found soiled)

2 non-critical (space in rear entry door, not allowing dishes to air dry before stacking)

Mobile Stag Kitchen, 526 Enos Road, Seymour

Approved for operations in Jackson County

Dairy Queen, 115 W. Commerce St., Brownstown

4 non-critical (liquid at bottom of topping cooler and soft serve machine, rear exit door not closed, flying insects in ice cream area, non-food areas should be cleaned more frequently)

Papa John’s Pizza, 600 E. Tipton Street, Seymour

No violation

Sno Biz Mobile, 1019½ E. Tipton St., Seymour

Approved for operations in Jackson County

Walmart Supercenter, 1600 E. Tipton St., Seymour

3 reviews (several dented cans found in the aisles, dried food particles found on a slicer in the deli area, several unlabeled chemical bottles found in the establishment)

2 non-critical (hand washing sink in cooking area contained bucket lids, emergency exit door sweep needs repair or replacement)

Caribbean Cuisine 509, 103 N. Chestnut St., Seymour

5 reviews (eggs not kept below 45 degrees, no date label used for pre-cooked foods, all food preparation surfaces found very dirty, dirty dishes stacked in mop sink, excessive evidence of mop activity pests observed in the establishment)

9 non-critical (product not stored 6 inches off floor, dishes not washed regularly, water pooling in bottom of handy cooler, drain leaking on three-bay sink, no paper towels in hand washing sink, accumulation of food debris when washing hands sink, bare wood cannot be used as a prep surface, sleeping quarters are not permitted in a food establishment, all surfaces should be cleaned more frequently )

Brenda’s Ice Cream #2, 112 W. Second St., Seymour

Approved for operations in Jackson County

Medora Music Festival

Inspected and authorized four temporary food kiosks: The Grill Wagon, Hungry Turtle, Tailgaters BBQ and Bell’s Phoenix Kitchenette

Frühlingsfest of the Knights of Columbus

Inspected and licensed nine temporary food kiosks: Lazy J’s Kettle Corn, Schwätzer’s German Restaurant, Bob and Kev’s BBQ, Miss Piggy’s Pork Shop, Sati Babi, Psi Iota Xi, Enter His Courts, Mr. Beefy’s and Knights of Columbus

Hens and chicks market

Inspected and authorized seven temporary food stalls: Little Angel Creations, Phi Beta Psi Theta Omega Chapter, Rosie Jean’s Sweet Tea and Jesus, Indy Annie’s Kettle Corn, Hoover’s Candy, Gypsy Moon and Cup of Joy

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