Delco’s New Health Service Officially Launches April 2

DELAWARE COUNTY, PA — The new Delaware County Department of Health will officially launch next month after months of work to establish the new entity.

According to Delaware County Health Department Director Melissa Lyon, the official approval from the Delaware County Health Department was made at the county health board meeting on March 3.

April 2 will mark the official operational start date of the new department.

The county has received the Certificate of Approval from the Pennsylvania Department of Health stating that the Delaware County Department of Health is ready to perform its powers and duties.

“Throughout the proposal to create this County Health Department, including after the plan was submitted, your staff met regularly with the Pennsylvania Department of Health, solicited feedback, and made progress toward creating a well-functioning health department,” the acting Pennsylvania health secretary said. Keara Klinepeter said in a letter to council. “The amount of effort and work done is commendable and demonstrates the importance the Delaware County Council has placed on providing comprehensive public health services in Delaware County.”

The county pushed to create its own department when the coronavirus pandemic hit.

For months, the Chester County Health Department responded to Delaware County’s health needs.

The Department of Health’s leadership team, under the leadership of Melissa Lyon, will lead a team of 53 local health experts to improve the quality of life and health outcomes for Delaware County residents.

The Delaware County Health Department leadership team includes Marie Carbonara, administrator of the environmental health division; Rosemarie Halt, Acting Administrator of the Population Health/COVID-19 Division and Chair of the Board of Health; Stephanie Reese, Administrator of the Personal Health Division; Lisa O’Mahony, public health physician; and Victor Alos Rullan, epidemiologist.

Meet the health department here.

“The Delaware County Health Department will address, at the local level, basic public health issues, including but not limited to infectious communicable diseases, vaccine-preventable diseases, and maternal health issues. and infantile,” Lyon said. collect data that leads to positive health outcomes for residents and fully operate in what I call the 3 Ps: Preventing Illness and Injury, Protecting All Populations, and Promoting Healthy Habits and Lifestyles. »

Here are the details of the three divisions of the department:

Environmental Health Division

Responsible for preventing human injury and illness, promoting a healthy environment, and protecting the community from environmental hazards. The department prevents, minimizes and contains adverse health events and conditions resulting from communicable diseases such as food, water, vector-borne outbreaks, chronic diseases, environmental hazards, injuries and health disparities .

Personal Health Division

Promote healthy behaviors and habits that prevent chronic disease and the spread of infectious disease and ensure access to clinical services and programs for all Delaware County residents.

Population Health Division

Create and build cross-sector partnerships that foster collaboration, create funding opportunities, and promote collective action with community partners, agencies, and health facilities to achieve health equity in all communities.

Learn more about the new online health department here.