Colorado Department of Health Says COVID Cases Have Been Underestimated This Week


DENVER (KDVR) – There have been even more cases of COVID in the past two days than the state’s health department reported.

An error in electronic reporting may mean the new wave of COVID cases in Colorado is stuck at a climax instead of coming back down after a week-long peak.

The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment said in a statement that the state’s COVID dashboard was not accurately relaying the number of new COVID cases that there were in Colorado from the 5th. January to today.

“CDPHE’s electronic laboratory notification system is not communicating successfully with our disease notification system, which is the source of public case data,” the statement said.

The error did not affect the hospitalization, death or test data. However, that strikes a worrying note, given the large number of cases he had previously reported.

The state said the error resulted in a “significant undercoverage” of cases.

As of January 5, the state had already reported 7,629 new cases of COVID, which is more than any day in the history of the pandemic, except for every day of the previous week.