Building a pre-health community – News

Pre-professional health careers are known for their rigorous demands and demanding workloads that often result in students who are perpetually sleep deprived. And while these associations may, to varying degrees, be correct, the challenges that undergraduates face while pursuing a pre-health path are certainly best addressed together.

This is exactly what the Hamilton Pre-Health Careers Club had in mind with their new peer mentoring program. According to club advisor Leslie Bell, the idea dates back to 2016 and the club’s successful “How to Choose Your Pre-Health Classes” program, which offered first and second year pre-health students the opportunity to define their school program. shots with help from older club students.

“The idea of ​​creating an ongoing mentoring relationship between upper class students and lower class students was a natural extension of peer mentoring which, until now, had only taken place at hours of work. specific meeting, ”Bell said.

Below, leaders of the Hamilton Pre-Health Careers Club share their thoughts on the program.

What is the peer mentoring program?

The new mentoring system is a way to connect students from different grade years to foster a collaborative and supportive pre-health community in Hamilton. While this is just the start and we are always sending relevant information, we are confident that the people we connect will be an essential point of contact to help young pre-health students choose their courses, their teachers. , their study abroad plans, schools to apply to, and more.
– Michaela Murdock ’22, co-vice-president, pre-dental

How did it happen? How will this shape the club in the future?

The one-on-one mentoring initiative draws on our own experiences as pre-health students. I joined the Pre-Health Club in the first year. The first pre-health club reunion in 2018 had around 50 students, but the second reunion had three: me and two friends… I became friends with then club president Tessa Lavan ’20, who is still one of my closest friends to this day. We hope that providing a platform where students can freely ask questions will provide a safe and collaborative environment within the pre-health club but also for the pre-health community on campus.
– SJ Bennett ’22, president, pre-med

How does the pre-health club get involved on campus?

Last year, we held weekly meetings that matched upper and lower grade students for guidance. We have organized events such as how to organize your four year plan, tips on volunteering and how to do research on campus. This year, since we can meet in person, we have included counseling events as well as organizing an individual mentoring program, fun events like Jeopardy and scheduling a blood drive for volunteer hours. .
– Ellie Arnold ’22, co-vice-president, pre-nurses

What attracted you to the club?

Ultimately, the club’s mission is what convinced me to join. I think we foster a very strong pre-health community on campus, and it’s been exciting to help shape it. All of our E-board members are upper class students, and we are all on a variety of pre-health trails, so I think we are uniquely positioned to guide and support students with all kinds of interests. throughout their years here in Hamilton.
– Kendall Boxe ’22, treasurer, pre-optometry

The pre-health journey (has a reputation for being) difficult, so the availability of a club of other pre-health students with whom I shared experiences and struggles was a very attractive opportunity. The Pre-Health Club has a narrow sense of community due to shared struggles and each member’s ability to win and give.
– Noelle Yoo ’23, member of the executive committee, pre-med

What’s your favorite part of the club?

Help enthusiastic students choose courses that suit their course and learn more about them. As a pre-vet student it is incredibly exciting to meet other pre-vet students and help them design their schedules, give tips on how to get hours of experience with them. animals and discuss their reasons for wanting to be vets.
– Heather Roeder ’22, secretary, pre-veterinarian

There is always a lot of stress associated with being a pre-health student that other non-pre-healthy students don’t understand. Being in a community full of people who understand struggles makes it easier. It also provides the necessary support for students to help each other.
– Emily Wong ’23, board member, pre-PA