Barry-Eaton District Health Unit Introduces New Medical Director

CHARLOTTE, Mich. (WLNS) – The Barry-Eaton District Health Department (BEDHD) introduces Dr. Julie Kehdi as the department’s new medical director starting this week.

The decision to hire a new Medical Director was made several months ago due to Dr. J. Daniel Woodall’s growing responsibilities as a practicing physician.

“Dr. Woodall was kind enough to stay until we could find a replacement,” said Emily Smale, community health promotion specialist. “We thank Dr. Woodall for his years of service to BEDHD. “

BEDHD is ready to welcome Dr Kehdi to its team.

“The Barry-Eaton District Health Unit is delighted to welcome Dr Kehdi to his new role as Medical Director. As we continue to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic, we look forward to using Dr. Kehdi’s vast expertise in the area of ​​infectious diseases. Dr. Kehdi brings a new perspective to our community, which benefits the health and well-being of all residents of Barry and Eaton counties.

Colette Scrimger, health worker for the Barry-Eaton district health service

Dr. Kehdi completed her medical studies and residency at Michigan State University and her Infectious Disease Fellowship in Chicago at Rush University Medical Center (RUMC).

At RUMC, she treated several people who had difficulty accessing care in very diverse cultural and clinical populations. Dr. Kehdi continued his work in Michigan.

Dr. Kehdi has an extreme passion for antimicrobial stewardship and the long-term beneficial effects that prudent prescribing can have on a patient and a population. She strives to provide quality care to all of her patients.

Dr Kehdi is interested in new developments and is not afraid of challenges. It comes from being in the infectious disease business. BEDHD has also become familiar with the new developments and is quickly facing challenges with its response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Much of what we do in [Infectious Disease] links to public health in a transparent manner, both now and historically. This includes everything from administering vaccines to environmental monitoring of public health risks, such as zoonotic infections, ”said Dr Kehdi.

Dr Kehdi is delighted to learn and improve on a daily basis within the department. Dr Kehdi’s priority is to help BEDHD realize its vision of creating a community where everyone has the same chance to live long, healthy and prosperous lives.

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