Albury Wodonga Health Community Care Services to Benefit from Sunday’s City2City | border mail


From pediatrics to palliative care, Albury Wodonga Health’s community care services span the lifespan. And hundreds of staff working in community care are hoping there will be a huge turnout for the first physical City2City in two years so that every item can be ticked off their wish list. The pediatric paramedic team hopes funds from Sunday’s event will help them expand their fleet of equipment to lend to families. Occupational therapist Natalie Kelk said infant support seats or toddler walkers are among the examples. “These are very expensive pieces of equipment that are often only needed on a short-term basis, but you can’t hire them locally,” she said. “It would be great to give families that option.” Pediatric physiotherapist Cath White said her team, based in Smollett Street, were very experienced. “We are often the first point of contact if someone recognizes that children are struggling with their general development,” she said. “We might have an admission for a particular service, but within our team we can recognize that there are other challenges that arise.” Acting operational director of community care services Kelley Latta said pediatric equipment was among four areas that would receive funding from City2City. Equipment to provide home care, preventive dental care, and creating culturally safe and accessible environments are also a focus. “Many of the services and tools we use are starting to be more accessible through technology,” Ms. Latta said. “There are so many different programs in this building…we want to make sure that all of the programs grow culturally sensitive.” hospital systems.” City2City organizers are encouraging border residents to register; online registration for the 2022 event remains open until Saturday noon. OTHER NEWS: Updated route maps have also been posted to their In response to shoreline works at Hovell Tree Park and the location of the Lakeside Test Facility on Gateway Island, routes have been changed this year, there will be no Lincoln Causeway closure and greater focus on cycle paths.